Учитесь дифференцироваться у Джейсона Калаканиса (да, Sellme.biz становится его фан-клубом):

Now, digg is a commune and that works for them--more power to them!

This is a new space and folks can approach it differently. digg is the Burning Man of social bookmarking: no one gets paid (except the founders), there is no money involved (except for the millions in advertising), and it's all for the common good of the people (with the exception of the founders who are looking at a $200M exit).... but I digress. :-)

Джэйсон преобразовал Netscape в некое подобие digg, но приглашает лучших людей с других сервисов сабмитить новости за деньги ($1000/мес.), что вызвало многочисленные споры. А сработало хорошо.

Time will tell which model works better... I think digg's is more idealistic vision and Netscape's is much more practical. If digg becomes the farm league for Netscape that's fine, that's what Flickr is to Getty Images and what TypePad is to Weblogs, Inc. and Gawker.

Billard 2006-11-16 15:06

Вот так...

Бабло побеждает "зло"! ))