Сотрудника Adobe спросили, раз теперь PDF станет ISO 32000, означает ли это, что Microsoft сможет добавить импорт/экспорт PDF в Office (они планировали это, но потом убрали из релиза из-за давления Adobe)?

Вот что сотрудник ответил:

Interesting observation even if it perpetuates a myth. Microsoft is a designated monopoly and there are things they cannot do. One of them is to give away software in order to cut off a revenue from a competitor. That has nothing to do with licensing or sewing (suing).

Adobe has had a free and open licensing policy for anyone implementing software the deals with PDF from day one. We plan to continue that. We do license our top quality software, however.



Вот что он ответил на мое сообщение:

Adobe is perfectly willing to let any other vendor develop whatever software they want that processes PDF.

That is one statement.

Adobe is not willing to let a company use unfair business practices, to, for instance, reduce the sales of one of Adobe’s products.

That is a second statement.

They are not mutually exclusive as far as I can tell. Microsoft can fit under both situations and the second one overrules the first as far as Adobe is concerned. It does not mean that we do not have the first policy. — Jim King

Ну это вообще уже бред. О каких unfair business practices он говорит?