Cathodique отправляется в Корзину

Cathodique больше нет. Покупатели программы получат Minitube бесплатно.


Dear Cathodique customer,

As you might already know, Cathodique (YouTube player for Mac) stopped working due to changes on YouTube side. The first time this happened, we quickly updated the program to make it work. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t provide H.264 videos via their API, so we had to reverse-engineer changes to their website to get videos, emulating browser behavior. This process required a lot of energy and effort, which we could use to write more useful software instead of rushing to reverse-engineer the website every time there’s a change on YouTube.

That’s why we stopped developing Cathodique, and will be focusing on other projects. But there’s good news too: we arranged a deal with Flavio Tordini, creator of Minitube: he was kind enough to offer every paid Cathodique customer a Minitube license for free.

Basically, Minitube is Cathodique with many more features. Not only you won’t be left without standalone YouTube player, you’ll get a better player. [… information on how to receive license …].

You can download the program from Minitube website.

Thank you for being our customer!